The Mbira Weekend- Nov 4 to 6

The first weekend of November is around the corner and it a massive Mbira weekend. So First this Friday 4 November 2016 Ammara Brown and TariMari release the single Simuka at Chez Zandi, a mbira inspired song from 6pm. Mawungira eNharira will be kicking it in the most traditional way at the Volt Platnum Garden. Thats our Friday

Mbira Dzenharira


.Ammara Brown TariMari

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Rest in peace Chiedza Brown: The Mbira Journey

Hector Rufaro Mugani

It’s sad that a young brilliant, sweet child is forced to end her life with the people surrounding her. I hope the Zimbabwean and USA child protection will do an intensive investigation. Chiedza was a brilliant soul, took only the good parts of Chiwoniso Maraire and Andy Brown. She was the next mbira-star as she had become arguably a better mbira player than the Chiwoniso. I am at a loss for words.


Rest in Peace Chiedza Brown



Sometimes I imagine I hear your voice 
In the trees whispering
Ahh… Ahh…

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Book Café the Soul of Mbira

The Mbira Journey with Hector Mugani

18 June 2015

Mbiravolution Book Cafe Closes


The pioneering Zimbabwean Mbira venue has stumbled, fell, not yet out, lets help it up. The first night I was at the book café was an undisclosed Friday night in 2002 after skipping hostel at Allen Wilson Boys High School in Harare. I walked into the Fifi Avenue venue which was non-classy but cosy, arty, and very inspiring.

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Gurevolution in Glendale

The Mbira journey with Hector Mugani

Mbira Mbiravolution


So recently I moved to Glendale which is in the Mazowe Valley, 60km from Harare. My greatest excitement was to find a lot of mbira players and would be in good mbira company. Well to my surprise I have not yet met any everyone has just referred me to the legendary David Gweshe who does not leave in Glendale but a few Kilometers away at an area called Gweshe. I have gone around and most mbira players here have turned to the Mapostori (Apostolic)

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Chiwoniso Lives on

 The Mbira Journey with Hector Rufaro Mugani

Chiwoniso Maraire 

Monday 11 May I visited Chiwoniso Maraire’s resting place in Chakohwa in Chimanimani with a few friends. The sun was high up and we could hear the sounds of the wind that gave use a mixed chilly and burning sun a perfect temperature yin-yang.  This brought me back in to memory lane to a discussion held at Book Café, “Mbira Exchange Program, An Appropriated Heritage”, with the late Tinashe Mandityira as part of the panel.

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