Tendai 'Tendex' Madzviti Solo Concert

Tendai Madviti


This Saturday the 19th of November The Legacy trust and ATH Audio Productions will host Tendai “Tendex” Madzviti back to back with The Jr Bantan Karaoke at Chez Zandi – Bistro and Wine Bar.


The two have now partnered with Chez Zandi in hosting mellow arty shows and the journey Begins with the Saturday nights events. This Saturday comes as the fourth event jointly hosted by the organisations and the venue including the TariMari and Ammara Brown Single launch, Evans Mapfumo and Chengeto Brown, with an aim to create new spaces and ways to appreciate arts and culture. This has fast grown to win the hearts of artist and the dinners.


This upcoming event will be a free show which will see Karaoke meeting a live acoustic act. Paul “Jr Batan” Mwanza a seasoned Zimbabwe reggae bassist and vocalist has taken up the Karaoke culture which he has been spreading throughout the Sunshine City.


 But at Chez Zandi the Karaoke comes with a difference, where the artist billed to perform on the night will also participates in the Karaoke. Both Batan and Tendex will take part in the Karaoke. It might be jamming along or even singing some of the tunes. This vibe give a high quality unique cultural fun.


“It’s amazing, you can be surprised by how much talent is in Zimbabwe, we have seen lawyers, business men and some artist that you would think they belong just to one genre do wonders with different genres as well,” said Paul, “But we will always have those very exciting, funny, hilarious moments as always its Karaoke”


Tendex will also do a solo performance, voice and mbira playing unlike his usual set up with his band The Laggards. Tendex is not a new comer to the stage. He has toured Europe as a vocalist and mbira player with the German band Jamaram and also with Umoja where he was crowned The Voice of Umoja Zimbabwe. Tendex has also worked with Ammara Brown on a number of her projects including performing with her. He also holds a degree in Ethnomusicology from the Zimbabwe College of Music.


Tendai has an exciting album called “Gwendo” recorded and produced by Mono Mukundu. On this album he has created a new exciting sensation to traditional and old mbira songs. Tendex’s, Dumi Maraire Chembere dzemusango rendition is a perfect example of repackaging the mbira tradition to the young modern Zimbabwean population.


“I started as a RnB singer, and I met Hector Mugani who encouraged me to mix what I was doing with mbira, and also to study music. At first it sounded odd but now it has broadened my horizons musically and I can proudly say my music has Zimbabwean roots”, said Tendex “I think it’s time to give back for my successes through my journey and this is my way to say thank you to Zimbabwe and the mbira with this exquisite mbira solo show. Like Mbiravolution says ‘Zimbabwe iMbira Mbira iZimbabwe’ come through it’s a free show and enjoy the magic”


The Legacy Turst has been instrumental in promoting Zimbabwean arts and cultural heritage on different platforms. It recently facilitated the Jam Signal video launch “Overrated” at the Avon and also the TariMari and Ammara Brown single Launch for “Simuka”. It has also helped in organising the Book Café pop ups and the Mannenberg Jazz Club that was on last Friday. Mbiravolution is one of its growing projects which has seen a great deal of mbira promotion on different platforms


“It is a non-profit trust that is set to promote Zimbabwean cultural heritage from the traditional cultural heritage to the modern heritage. It is a way to keep our legacy intact as a nation with a divers admixture of cultural creativity,” said Alec Muza,” We have been working day in day out to set-up Mbiravolution to be a standalone project where we have set up a website and also now finalizing on the Mbira Network. In this regard we have created different platforms for mbira like shows, workshops, exhibitions, and various documentation methods that lead to the permanence and transfiguration of the national heritage.”



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