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Matendera ekuMabvazuva wins mbira contest

Matendera ekuMabvazuva wins mbira contest

26 September 2014 


Matendera ekuMabvazuva, a nine-member ensemble won this year’s mbira month competition after they outclassed seven other groups in a stiff contest that was held at the Book Café on Tuesday night.

The event which was hosted by Pamberi Trust in collaboration with the Mbira Centre and Mbiravolution is a platform that was created for pure mbira bands to network, share ideas and perform in competitive fashion.


It is a platform that also celebrates mbira during the annual Mbira Month (September), which is a brain child of mbira enthusiast Albert Chimedza.

The newly crowned mbira kings will have a chance to showcase their prowess tonight when they perform with one of Zimbabwe’s mbira giants Nyamasvisva neMawungira eNharira at the Book Café.


It will be a welcome back party for Nyamasvisva who returned from a tour of Sweden recently.

Matendera ekuMabvazuva leader Lovemore Salari said they were happy to be crowned kings and would work to preserve mbira



“Mbira is part and parcel of our culture. Yes, one can fuse the instrument with other western modern instruments, but we strongly believe that the mbira in itself is as powerful and can stand on its own.


“It connects us to the ancestors and it is a gift from our forefathers so we will leave that heritage to our children as well,” said Salari

Groups that participated in the clash included Pamharadzano, Dziva Rembira, Tonderai Mbira Dzechinyakare, Izwi Remhondoro, Mazwi Mbira Crew, Madhonza Makuru Mbira Crew, Kundai Neshamwari and Bantu Afro.


The event proved that mbira the instrument:; the sound and the music have stood the test of time like wine.

All groups, comprising young and old mbira players, got on the stage standing up tall and proud to share their heritage with the world.


It was a beautiful historic moment with people getting in touch with who they are and where they come from. Matendera ekuMabvazuva comprises four mbira players, two hosho players, one ngoma player and two dancers. It specialises in Mbira Dzavadzimu beat. It was formed in 2007 with the group members being Salari (band leader), Phineas Kamushinda(bass mbira), Jonathan Mazura (nhungudzo) Dinnas Kamushinda (duriro), Charles Hungwe and Lewes Taruvinga (hosho),

Professor Kapfunde (mbira nheketo and ngoma) as well as Evelyn Tirikoti and Talent Katawa (dancers).


Arts Correspondent for The Hearald 






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