Hope Masike to Interview Stella Chiwesha and Chiwoniso Maraire

Hope Masike to Interview Stella Chiwesha and Chiwoniso Maraire

20 Jun 2013  


It’s the dream interview. Rising mbira star, already a treasure in her own right, interviews two mbira legends. That’s next week on Monday when Hope Masike interviews Stella Chiweshe and Chiwoniso Maraire at a public discussion in Harare.


On Monday evening, 24 June 2013, Harare’s Book Café in collaboration with Mbiravolution will be host the discussion whose topic will be ‘The Mbira Journey With Stella Chiweshe & Chiwoniso Maraire interviewed by Hope Masike’. 


The discussion will focus on the significant contribution women have made in developing and promoting mbira music and the instrument itself and comes shortly after a historically significant performance featuring Chiweshe and Chiwoniso. 


With the presence of Stella Chiweshe before she departs for Europe, this discussion will certainly be a once in a lifetime learning experience on the mbira. 


The speakers for the discussion come from three generations of female mbira players who have made a great impact and contribution in the lives of people around the world with the Zimbabwean instrument. 


The Mbiravolution discussion which is being organised by Ethnomusicologist Hector Rufaro Mugani and Musicologist Extra-Blessings Kuchera is one of a series of mbira development related programs which began in 2012. 


Many people have misconceptions about the emergence of female mbira players. It is also not very commonly known by modern mbira fans that women were at one point denied the opportunity to play the instrument.


This also applies to other traditional instruments which were mainly male dominated. 


Stella Chiweshe is one of the few women who broke the barriers and paved way in inspiring many other women to play mbira. Her input in this regard should be celebrated because it took a lot of courage to overcome the numerous challenges she went through.  


Chiwoniso Maraire is one of the undisputed icons in mbira music and has made huge strides in promoting the music and instrument to the world and demystifying it among Zimbabweans. 


Hope Masike, who just recently came back from a tour of Mozambique, Saziland and Ireland is a rising star on the road to greatness. She is one of the most innovative and experimental young musicians in Zimbabwe today as she seeks to blend mbira music with other genres. 


Kuchera, one of the organisers of the discussion, said “We are very excited and elated to have Mbuya Stella Chiweshe speaking on this platform as she is one of the most respected mbira players in the world. This will be one of the most important discussions in history, related to the mbira.  This will highlight the significance of the mbira instrument and music in Zimbabwe and beyond.” 


Mugani commented, “The discussion will mainly focus on the emergence of female mbira players and their immense contribution to the development of mbira instrument and music, the music industry and the Zimbabwean community. We should all support and celebrate such positive development.”


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