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The Legacy Trust (TLT)

It was registered in December 2014 in Zimbabwe as a Trust with the mandate to promote cultural heritage through research and events such as discussions, music shows and festivals. It is also a cultural trust that promotes the freedom for creation and expression. It is also mandated to create platforms for revolution and evolution of the cultural heritage music’s of Zimbabwe. Listed below are the projects that are housed under The Legacy Trust.

1 Mbiravolution

Since 2012 the Mbiravolution project under TLT has held a number of mbira discussions in partnership with The Book Café and Pamberi Trust. Mbiravolution = evolution + revolution of mbira. These discussions have featured the late Benita Tarupiwa, Hope Masike, Mbuya Stella Chiweshe, Theresa Muteta, the late Chiwoniso Maraire, Nyamasvisva (Mawungira eNharira), Book Discussion and research assistance for the book African Music, Power, and Being in Colonial Zimbabwe – by Mhoze Chikowero, Prof Fred Zind, and the list goes on.


2 Exhibitions

Mbiravolution has also successfully did a three city mbira picture exhibition tour titled “Let the instrument Talk”.  The tour started at Book Café, Harare, exhibited in USA Corner Bulawayo and had the last exhibition at Zambezi Café in Livingstone, Zambia. The exhibition was launch in Harare had the Mbira Republic exhibiting mbira’s made by Edger Bera, and fashion designer Tanga, Poet SoProfound also working with the exhibition.


3 Workshops and Training

Mbiravolution has also done workshops with the Zimbabwe College of Music, the Book Café and Hector Mugani once gave an mbira master at the Music Crossroads Academy Zimbabwe. It has also had an intern from MSU. The trust also works with academic researchers to document and enhance Zimbabwean cultures.

4 Shows

TLT has also organised music show in around Zimbabwe in partnership with the Book Café, Mannenberg, and also under the Mbiravolution banner. These include but not limited to Mbira Acoustics at Chez Zandi’s –Alliance Francaise, Book Café pop-ups, Mbira Shows at the Book Café venue, The Manneberg Jazz Club pop-up, On the Roof and new Ambassador Hotel Roof Top.

It has worked with artist like, Victor Kunonga, Alexio Kawara, Chikwata.263, Chengeto Brown, Tari Mari, Sylent NQO, Nyamasvisva, Munya Nyamarebvu, The Circuit Party, Jam Signal Zim Transit Crew, Mokoomba, among others.

IT has also partnered with Nyamasase Events on equipment hire where it provides sound to artist at reasonable rates and this includes shows like the Back2Jazzics, La Rouge and Bar Rouge Wednesday and Thursday shows with up and coming artist and has supported several launches.

5. Studio in a BackPack

This is a projects that records, photo-shoots, and videos artist. It has worked a number of artist and done a lot of live recordings of artist. Its aim is to capture artist moments. It is also a platform to create Collaborations for artist.

6. The Heart Of The Mountain- Chimanimani Music Festival

This is a music Festival which we are holding in Chimanimani in August 2019. This will be its inaugural year. It has two main objectives, 1 Engage and market the natural wonders of Chimanimani and its wildlife, and 2 to create integration/ engagement with the musicians & musical cultural heritage of Chimanimani and the world.

Therefore, the formulae is:

  Identify + engage + expose + develop + market = #MusicEngageChimanimani







Mbiravolution is a project by THE LEGACY TRUST founded in 2012 by Ethnomusicologist Hector Rufaro Mugani and Musicologist Extra-Blessings Kuchera in a bid to promote the mbira instruments and music. It seeks to preserve mbira as a musical cultural heritage.

The traditional culture that surrounds the mbira is also key to the preservation and continuity of the mbira and is key to Mbiravolution activities.Thus,Mbiravolution collects material and researches on different subjects on the mbira from time immemorial to date.

Mbiravolution is also on a mission to think out of the cultural box and see the mbira as a musical instrument that can fit into the modern musical climate and can be easily used across international borders. The project is set to make mbira stand out among other instruments and music genres.

Activities and Action Plan Mbiravolution has various activities which it carries out in order to meet its objectives, which are outlined below:


Workshops: The workshops vary from Ethnomusicological workshops; mbira makers workshops, master classes on mbira playing, the theory of mbira music and how to use mbira as an instrument. Workshops will be held in colleges, secondary/primary schools and private lessons.

                                  Mbira lesson               Hector Workshop


Discussion Program: Inviting various speakers and promoting national and international dialogue about the mbira. The discussion program will increase visibility and impact of the message  

                                 Book Dis                    dis 2

• Exhibitions: Promoting the mbira through visual arts by encouraging visual artists to conceptualise ideas on mbira music and the instrument. Including Painting, Fashion, Sculptor, Photography and crafts. This will be enhanced through agreement with various galleries and ‘alternative spaces’.


• Social Media and Show Support:It has held and supported numerous mbira shows in and around Harare, Bira ceremonies in and around Harare.



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