Beauler Dyoko

mbiraBeauler Dyoko, known in Zimbabwe as the "Queen of Mbira Music,"was Zimbabwe's first woman mbira recording artist. She passed away in June 2013.

She was leader and featured

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Takunda Mafika

MbiraTakunda Mafika (31 October 1983 – 12 October 2011) was a Zimbabwean musician and teacher living in Harare, Zimbabwe. He played the Mbira, an African music instrument, famous among the Shona people of Zimbabwe. He taught the mbira to individuals, local schools and colleges and

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Tafadzwa Matiure

Tafadzwa Matiure was born on 8 January 1995, at Parerenyatwa Hospital, Harare, Zimbabwe. He grew up in Warren Park in a family of four siblings and comes from a family of mbira scholars where his father and uncle hold Doctorates in Ethnomusicology.

He started playing the Nyunga

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Hemmington Shoniwa

Hemmington Shoniwa was born on 1 January 1984 in Harare. He went to Hurungwe in the rural Zimbabwe where he did his primary education. After his primary education his family moved back to Harare where he did his secondary education at Kwaedza High School in the Hifields township

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Ephat Mujuru

mbira dzavadzimu

Ephat Mujuru (1950–2001), was a Zimbabwean musician, one of the 20th century's finest players of the mbira, a traditional instrument of the Shona ethnic group of Zimbabwe. Although Mujuru played  five types of Zimbabwean mbira, he specialty was the mbira dzavadzimu.

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