By Michgan Chinduru- (MSU intern Music and Musicology)

Mbira Creations is a group that combines different artists from Black spears Mbira group. Despite of  several different types of traditional Shona music, Mbira Creations music accompanied by dancing, and participation by the audience,  responds to the improvised lyrics have shown acceptance by fans in wide range of creativity and exclusive own compositions. Their drumming is always associated with dance and can be used for various dances. They use type of mbira called mbira dzevadzimu, drums (ngoma) and shakers (hosho).


Ester Chitsvedemu leader of the group, born 10/10/1967 at Harare hospital. Attended primary level at Chitsvedemu primary school and secondary at Seke 3 High School in Chitungwiza (Harare). She began to show interests in music at school and was used to sing hymns in the choir. In 1979 she was taken by comrades during the struggle to sing Chimurenga music at the base. 1984 went to Marondera for teaching at St Martin’s primary school up to 1990. From there she worked at Halgor Estates as a supervisor up to 1994 .2008 she met Nobert Kudenga (former Black Kings mbira group member) who taught her how to play mbira by.Nobert and his group organized some routines every weekend for rehearsals.

From there a new group was formed called Black spears and Ester was the manager. 2010 the group recorded a 10 track album called Mugariro. The album was recorded by Antony Gasani, taken to Grammer records for marketing and left the project because Grammer wanted them to sign a contract which the group was not comfortable with. The group began to organize shows and Tafadzwa Matamba based in UK organize some connection for some festivals. 2013 Roseline Marange took Ester to work with Marverlon Art Foundation and managed to organize a festival (celebrating diversity cultural arts to new approach 2014) held at Mash West Muriel mine. Ester left the job after the festival because Marvelon Art Foundation did not pay the artist their prices till up to date.

2014 two albums with 15 tracks was recorded, Ngoma inendangariro with 8 tracks under the name of Ester and 7 track album called Chigamba under Nobert`s name. Through great improvement in playing mbira, Ester formed her own group by the name Mbira Creations (2014) which include artists from Black spears and other individuals. Roles in the band; Cloud Chirodza (lead mbira), Nobert (bass mbira), Ester (on rhythm mbira and vocals), Charles (percussion) and jimmy on ngoma. Same year, Ester formed an association called Zimbabwe Cultural Arts which have more than 20 mbira groups and she is the director.  The group is working on an album for 2015. Ester is a Black spears member, owner of Mbira Creations and director of Zimbabwe Cultural arts.


8 Album recorded 2014 by Black spears mbira group under Ester's name. Tracks in this album are karimudande, musha wakombwa, ndipe gano rangu, karinga, muroora,mauya mauya, paida and marasta.



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