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Mawungira eNharira is an mbira group made up of 9 members that have made it on international levels. Zimbabwean cultural music was taken to greater levels by this group which focuses on restoring African confidence in the intrinsic values, culture and heritage. The group calls their vibes Tsunga music from

the word kutsungirira (striving). The group was formulated (2004) by Wilfred Tichaona Mafrika who was used to be Mbira dzenharira member. Their music is made up of folk songs and own creations, on the instrumentals, they play own creation with the fusion of kore kore beats. Wilfred is a song writer and says his source of inspiration is what he sees in people`s day to day levity. Mawungira eNharira traveled to places like China (2004), (2008) U.S.A, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Sweden (2014) and around Zimbabwe.




 Wilfred Tichaona Mafrika (also known as Nyamasvisva derived from his totem nzou/elephant) was born 1969/01/30 and raised in a small village in Mashonaland west province called Zvimba. He attended his primary level at Mariga primary school and secondary at Mariga secondary school. Wilfred grew on mother side in Chitomborwisi and was taught to play mbira by his uncles, showing clear talent for the rigors of mbira training; Wilfred at the age of 11 began to play the instrument at school cultural dances.

After school, through job difficulties, people used to call him for cultural functions like mapira. Moved to Norton where he met Tendai Gahamadze who had great interest in playing mbira and became friends. Magwimbe Mlambo, Wilfred and Tendai helped each other in mastering mbira techniques and people began to gather at Tendai`s house every night for mbira sessions called (Dare). The vision to record mbira music on commercial bases, Raz Mataz (owner of Sangoma Hotel Norton) used to call the group to perform at his hotel (1997) and suggested that they must have a name for marketing purpose thereby came up with Mbira Dzenharira. They faced a challenge on how to amplify mbira and at first used alarm watch speakers as sound pickers. Tendai went on to see Ciphers Mashakada who offered them guitar pickers to improve sound quality on mbira.

In 1998 they recorded their first album Rinamanyanga hariputirwe and received big fan base and won an award from TSAMA. The main aim was trying to bring back people to like their true culture presenting values that were lost by Africans during colonial era. Other albums which were recorded are Gomo remandiriri which won an award from TSAMA, Tozvireva also a won an award from TSAMA, Kudya kwenzeve, Gonamombe rerume and Toita zverudo.

2004 Wilfred from formulated his own group by the name Mawungira Enharira made up of 9 members and has become an icon in the Zimbabwean music circles. Apart from his musical prowess, Wilfred is an inspirational story teller and also teaches mbira techniques to those who are willing to learn. They also construct mbira like nyunga nyunga and mbira dzevadzimu for selling. Mawungira Enharira uses mbira dzevadzimu type of mbira for their recording and live performances.




-Tichaona Wilfred Mafrika known as Nyamasvisva is the leader of the group playing bass (nhovapasi) and song writer.

-Malven Vambe plays lead mbira (nheketo).

-Tawanda Chipungu plays rhythm (duriro).

-Nobert Mutiswa plays sub-rhythm (hweva).

-Pitchstone Ngoshi plays shakers (hosho).

-Learnmore Chikumbirike plays shakers (hosho).

-Delon Muchaka is a traditional dancer (dances like dinhe, Jerusalem, madandanda and mande)

-Tongai Zulu plays Zimbabwean drums called mutumba.

-Chrispen Tanganeropa Mujongondi is a backing vocalist and also a mbira player: rhythm (duriro). 




The group has released 5 albums which include:

-6 track album Maungira (2005) which won NAMA awards (best mbira),

-Chinamanje (2006) 7 track album won NAMA awards,

-Nhorowondo 6 track album (2007)

-Hurongwa 6 track album produced in America (2008),

-Ndodyiwa nemakava 8 track album (8 tracks) which was nominated for 2014 ZIMA awards,





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