Kudakwashe Machivenyika

Kudakwashe Machivenyika was born on 14 October 1993 in Harare. He grew up in Mabelreign, Harare, in a family of 6 siblings, of vast interests but the only one with musical exploits.

He started playing the MBIRA at high school 'Prince Edward School'

in form 2 under the instruction of Mrs Mtekwa. And to date playes  Nyunga-nyunga mbira and Nhare mbira (Mbira Huru/ Mbira DzaVaDzimu)

He Says “Mbira has a unique sound and i was attracted to it before i first played it through hearing in different forms of media. The mbira is amongst the most unique instruments ever made, it is also the instrument which is the most significant in the Shona culture.”

Kudakwashe would like to put the 'Mbira' in every genre, as well as be the founder of a mbira school one day. He has been collaborating with other artist in other music genres which is a step towards his mbira goal.

List of recordings

kuda machivenyika: KUMAFARO, kuda machivenyika& katsande

 AKANDITARISA, kuda machivenyika & frank kirimi

KWEKUTIZIRA, kuda machivenyika& Thandi: RUDO, kuda machivenyika&Thandi

 NYARADZO, kuda machivenyika& Thandi


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