Tafadzwa Matiure

Tafadzwa Matiure was born on 8 January 1995, at Parerenyatwa Hospital, Harare, Zimbabwe. He grew up in Warren Park in a family of four siblings and comes from a family of mbira scholars where his father and uncle hold Doctorates in Ethnomusicology.

He started playing the Nyunga

Nyunga Mbira in Nhemamusasa tunig at the age of 5 with the help of his father Dr Sheasby Matiure. After this Tafadzwa naturally developed an interest in the instrument but later appreciated it more after understanding its back ground and what it means to my culture.

Tafadzwa "I believe the mbira is the basis or trade mark of my culture and tradition. It is the force of music law in Zimbabwe. I would like to take it around the world and actually show my pride in the instrument. Also would want it to blend in several different music styles."

Tafadzwa Belives he is part of the New Mbira World Order and he want to participate in diffrent experimental ways with the intrument to create new musical sapces for the instrument.

He has recorded a single: Zvipo Zvamwari Mai Mamoyo

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