Wilfred Tichona "Nyamasvisva" Mafrika


Wilfred Tichaona Mafrika aka Nyamasvisva


Born 1969 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Wilfred Tichaona Mafrika aka Nyamasvisva, is one of the leading Zimbabwean artist of his generation who plays the Mbira Dzevadzimu, a traditional instrument that is significant in Shona religion and culture. 


The Mbira Dzevadzimu is the most ancient of instruments in Zimbabwe and has been played by the Shona people for thousands of years. 

One of the living masters of the mbira instrument,  Nyamasvisva is the founder, lead singer, composer and arranger of the mbira

ensemble, Mawungira eNharira. Nyamasvisva plays a distinctive and inventive type of mbira music, one that resonates with themes from the past but has a modern, mystical and cosmopolitan touch. 

Named after his elephant totem, Nyamasvisva started playing mbira at the age of 11. To date, he has four albums to his credit, namely Mawungira, Chinamanenji, Ndodyiwa neMakava, Hurongwa and a DVD recording titled “Nhoroondo.” 

He was the lead singer for the highly acclaimed mbira ensemble, Mbira DzeNharira before venturing on his own path in 2005. Since then, Nyamasvisva has been leading an eight men mbira ensemble known as Mawungira eNharira. 

Nyamasvisva seeks to take his music to a whole new global level while making a contribution to the growth of the mbira music tradition in Zimbabwe through the establishment of a heritage and cultural centre. Nyamasviva views his music not only in financial terms but artistic terms, and sees himself playing a greater role in society through socially conscious music. 

Nyamasvisva’s music set is highly stripped down with the most basic of instruments – in total, it includes six instruments, i.e., four different types of mbira, rattles and the drum layered over with soul defying lyricism. 

Apart from musical performances, Nyamasvisa also teaches how to play the mbira, music and art for kids, dances and traditional folklore.


Nyamasvisva's goal is to foster a deeper appreciation for the ancient traditional music of Zimbabwe, while staying on the cutting edge of musical innovation and cross-cultural exchange.

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