Mbiravolution is a project by THE LEGACY TRUST founded in 2012 by Ethnomusicologist Hector Rufaro Mugani and Musicologist Extra-Blessings Kuchera in a bid to promote the mbira instruments and music. It seeks to preserve mbira as a musical cultural heritage.

The traditional culture that surrounds the mbira is also key to the preservation and continuity of the mbira and is key to Mbiravolution activities.Thus,Mbiravolution collects material and researches on different subjects on the mbira from time immemorial to date.

Mbiravolution is also on a mission to think out of the cultural box and see the mbira as a musical instrument that can fit into the modern musical climate and can be easily used across international borders. The project is set to make mbira stand out among other instruments and music genres.

Activities and Action Plan Mbiravolution has various activities which it carries out in order to meet its objectives, which are outlined below:


Workshops: The workshops vary from Ethnomusicological workshops; mbira makers workshops, master classes on mbira playing, the theory of mbira music and how to use mbira as an instrument. Workshops will be held in colleges, secondary/primary schools and private lessons.

                                  Mbira lesson               Hector Workshop


Discussion Program: Inviting various speakers and promoting national and international dialogue about the mbira. The discussion program will increase visibility and impact of the message  

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• Exhibitions: Promoting the mbira through visual arts by encouraging visual artists to conceptualise ideas on mbira music and the instrument. Including Painting, Fashion, Sculptor, Photography and crafts. This will be enhanced through agreement with various galleries and ‘alternative spaces’.


• Social Media and Show Support:It has held and supported numerous mbira shows in and around Harare, Bira ceremonies in and around Harare.